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Welcome to my webpage!


I'm a photographer from South Korea and based in Seoul. This website is for my photography about my trips, projects, some works, and the poeple who I've met in my life as you can see.


The first time I started taking pictures was about 20 years ago when I traveled to Gangwon-do, South Korea with my family. At that time, I just appreciated beautiful nature in the winter, then told my mother to give me an automatic film camera to capture that awesome landscape in a car. After that, sometimes I took some photos of my dogs and birds around my house. The reason why I did was I felt just they were so cute. Some years later, I became 18 years old in Korean age, 2003 and my father gave me a manual film camera which is PENTAX MX. Because of getting my own one, I started taking pictures to remember my family, friends and this beautiful world where I live.


From the time that I said above, I set my final goal about my photography as I want to tell the people at the end of my photography life it is still worth while living in this world.


Thus, here I've opened my page to share my eyes to the sceneries that I feel great to all of you.


Thanks for visiting my website!

                                                                              COCU / 2014




If you are interested in my works as below or have any questions, feel free to Contact me any time.


- Photographs for printing

- Commercial use of my photographs

- Weddings / Pre-weddings / Events / Profiles /

   Interiors / Landscapes etc


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